Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Training

People don’t pay attention to slideshows or videos. Kids don’t listen to adult trainers. Adults prefer to avoid the topic entirely. And most people don’t believe this could happen to anyone they know.

These challenges make teaching human trafficking awareness and prevention difficult.

We’re here to change the game.

Radical Empathy has trained over 4000 public school students, parents, professionals, and medical university students through their award-winning virtual reality experience, TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story.

In the experience, you direct and control an interactive story and discover clues of how a young girl became a victim through manipulation and coercion.

The immersive, computer-generated Virtual Reality simulation (not a linear movie) puts you in the shoes of a victim that explains why she cannot ask for help.

Actual screenshot from award-winning virtual reality application, TRAPPED

The virtual reality application changes lives in 15 minutes.

Really. How do we know? Parents and children come back to our events year after year and tell us! It is so fulfilling to see positive change. This is a phenomenal tool for middle schools, high schools, universities, advocacy groups, fundraisers, and anyone that wants to make a difference.

From our trainings across America, the stories are endless. Parents recommit to their families and quit their 2nd or 3rd jobs to spend more time as a family. Kids reconnect with their estranged parents. Teachers help their students locate local services to help them with their at home situations. It’s a powerful tool.

The “playthrough” here shows you the whole story. Each individual learner has agency to take their own path through the story, letting them choose the topics that match their own interests.

Complete playthrough of TRAPPED with only Lisa’s voice. Every learner chooses their unique and personal path through the story. 

Learn how and why it works in the PBS feature “Virtually Caring”

Interactive learning is six times better than passively watching videos or reading. A study from Carnegie Mellon University shows that students using interactive learning out-perform students only learning through instructional videos by a factor of six to one.” – Billy Joe Cain

This program works for youth, parents, and adults because it transports you into the home of a 14 year old girl who tells you how she met a boy online who recognized her vulnerabilities and gave her the attention and love she was not receiving from her family and friends. 

It’s a situation that’s all too real, and anyone can fall for it because these traffickers (and abusers) take advantage of what makes us human.

Learn how and why it works from Houston Police Human Trafficking Unit Lieutenant

Houston Police Human Trafficking Unit Lieutenant Angela M. Merritt provides training to the Houston police and shares her assessment of the power of the virtual reality training tool.

Use the immersive power of cutting-edge, interactive virtual reality technology (VR) to help everyone understand how these “invisible chains” of psychological manipulation can bind anyone, anywhere.

  • Effective job training for homeland security, military, border patrol, and peace officers
  • Appropriate for school administrators, school boards, middle and high school students
  • Scalable to any size classroom or number of learners
  • Delivers consistent training anytime, anywhere
  • Custom curriculum design available

You might be thinking, “Well that sounds good, but how much does it cost?”

Let’s talk. We’re on a mission and we’ll work with you on a price. Reach out to Billy at or just call him at 512.521.8874.

Which makes sense for your group?

Virtual Reality software license 

Our software on your hardware at your campus, and includes the online course: Human Trafficking Essentials

“IMPACT” Training (we come to you)

Full-service, turn-key, in-person events including headsets, breakout sessions, and more, brought to you anywhere in the United States.

Humans are storytellers. We use storytelling to embed learning objectives in an interactive virtual reality experience to interest students in self-driven learning.

History and knowledge have been handed down for millennia through fables, songs, and stories. A list of “facts” just doesn’t make an impression like an engrossing story. The interactive VR story and its dialogue are filled with signs and information about trafficking, giving context to everything you need to remember.

Licensees receive online course logins and VR software to use in their live classes. Once students experience the interactive VR story, their interest in the educational materials is dramatically increased.

Current licenseesUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center (since 2019), middle and high schools in Texas and California, and others.

Do you need to create an event (of any size) and don’t know where to start? Let us solve that for you.

Our VR experience is the heart of our training / awareness solution, opening hearts to the problem of human trafficking. 

Your attendees participate in an unforgettable 3 Stage IMPACT experience. Stage One: A brief Introduction to Human Trafficking. Stage Two: TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story. Stage Three: On site service providers. 

We can provide live speakers, perform breakout sessions, and craft a unique event alongside your group.

Past event clients: Tony Robbins’ 60th Birthday Party (raised $18 million to fight trafficking), fundraisers for anti-trafficking groups, Texas Association of Student Councils Annual Conference, middle and high schools, universities, anti-trafficking education conferences, and training events with Operation Underground RailroadHope Rising, and Freedom Church Alliance.

Where are we?

We have licensees in California (VIDA Vista Interactive Design Academy), Texas (McCallum High School in Austin), Illinois (Governors State University), Wyoming (Uprising), Montana (The LifeGuard Group), and Idaho (INsideOUT)… so far.

Contact us to get started.

Pay it Forward! Every $5 Gives an Online Human Trafficking Essentials Course from PBJ Learning to a Deserving Student.

Radical Empathy Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to ending human trafficking in one generation.