Where will the children go?

“The influx of children from Ukraine is greater than anyone imagined.”

War creates opportunities for traffickers willing to exploit women and children for sex and labour.

It is a human trafficking crisis, because child refugees are vulnerable, very vulnerable.

Join us on our 2022 American Human Trafficking Awareness IMPACT Event Tour

Starting in April, we hope to be on the road, coming to a city near you!

Our in-person events change lives
. Our VR experience, TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story, is the core of our training / awareness solution, opening hearts to the problem of human trafficking. Guests go from being curious about trafficking to being aware, educated, and empowered with materials about how to get services in their local areas.
This is done through an unforgettable Three Stage IMPACT Event.
      • Stage One: A brief Introduction to Human Trafficking.
      • Stage Two: TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story, a 15 minute interactive experience that teaches you the psychological manipulation of vulnerable persons and learn how it could happen to anyone. See videos lower on the page.
      • Stage Three: On site service providers give data on who to contact if you know someone that needs help.

With your help, we will be performing IMPACT Events at schools across America, starting in April. 

To do this, we need a sturdy vehicle and a lot of headsets. My wife and I are going to live in and work from the van during the tour.

If you give us the “fuel” to get started, you’ll be providing one FREE online course for every $5 raised.
Please help today.
Billy Joe Cain
Billy Joe Cain

In-Person Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Training

Let’s be honest: kids don’t listen to adults when they talk about human trafficking. And adults don’t like teaching about it unless they feel like an expert.

This makes teaching human trafficking awareness and prevention difficult. We can make it easier with our One Generation Education System.

One Generation is a combination of in-class materials you can integrate within your current curriculum and a completely immersive, interactive, computer generated Virtual Reality simulation (not a linear movie) that teaches anyone how they could become psychologically manipulated into becoming a victim of trafficking.

You control the VR story.

This program works for youth, parents, and adults because it transports you into the home of a 14 year old girl who tells you how she met a boy online who recognized her vulnerabilities and gave her the attention and love she was not receiving from her family and friends. 

It’s a situation that’s all too real, and anyone can fall for it because these traffickers (and abusers) take advantage of what makes us human.

Interactive learning is six times better than passively watching videos or reading. A study from Carnegie Mellon University shows that students using interactive learning out-perform students only learning through instructional videos by a factor of six to one. – Billy Joe Cain

This cautionary tale has trained over 3500 people. We have been honored to help so many individuals and families. The stories we could tell are endless. Parents recommit to their families and quit their 2nd or 3rd jobs to spend more time as a family. Kids reconnect with their estranged parents. Teachers help their students locate local services to help them with their at home situations. It’s a powerful tool.

Yes, it really works

Students, parents, teachers, and administrators across the United States have received training through our virtual reality experience, TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story.

People decide to change their lives in 15 minutes. Really.

How do we know? They come back to our events year after year and tell us! It is so fulfilling to see positive change.

This is a phenomenal tool for middle schools, high schools, universities, advocacy groups, fundraisers, and anyone that wants to make a difference.

You might be thinking, “Well that sounds good, but how much does it cost?”

Let’s talk. We’re on a mission and we’ll work with you on a price. Reach out to Billy at billy@reefcares.org or just call him at 512.521.8874 M-F, 1-5pm CST.

Which makes sense for your group?

Licensing “One Generation Education System,” including Virtual Reality software and in-class materials

Complete education solution, including in-class teaching materials and virtual reality software for your group or school / university campus to use at any time.

Hiring us for an In-Person
“IMPACT” Event (turnkey event solution)

Full-service, turn-key, in-person events including headsets, breakout sessions, and more, brought to you anywhere in the United States.

Humans are storytellers. One Generation Education System uses storytelling to embed learning objectives in an interactive virtual reality experience to interest students in self-driven learning.

History and knowledge have been handed down for millennia through fables, songs, and stories. A list of “facts” just doesn’t make an impression like an engrossing story. The interactive VR story and its dialogue are filled with signs and information about trafficking, giving context to everything you need to remember.

One Generation Education System licensees receive our in-class education materials and VR software to use in their live classes. Once students experience the interactive VR story, their interest in the educational materials is dramatically increased.

Current licenseesUniversity of North Texas Health Science Center (since 2019), middle and high schools in Texas and California, and others.

Do you need to create an event (of any size) and don’t know where to start? Let us solve that for you.

Our VR experience is the heart of our training / awareness solution, opening hearts to the problem of human trafficking. 

Your attendees participate in an unforgettable 3 Stage IMPACT experience. Stage One: A brief Introduction to Human Trafficking. Stage Two: TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story. Stage Three: On site service providers. 

We can provide live speakers, perform breakout sessions, and craft a unique event alongside your group.

Past event clients: Tony Robbins’ 60th Birthday Party (raised $18 million to fight trafficking), fundraisers for anti-trafficking groups, Texas Association of Student Councils Annual Conference, middle and high schools, universities, anti-trafficking education conferences, and training events with Operation Underground RailroadHope Rising, and Freedom Church Alliance.

The Texas Association of Student Councils chose human trafficking as its project this year (2017-2018 school year), and we have been thrilled. 

We asked Radical Empathy Education Foundation to come to the annual conference to exhibit and do breakout sessions to discuss how it can be used in schools, because we believe students resonate with interactive learning materials, like TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story.

Terry Hamm, Director, Texas Association of Student Councils

Engage Your Learners, Instantly

One of the most difficult challenges in human trafficking awareness / prevention is creating a meaningful emotional connection to victims of this tragedy. 

Our firmly held beliefs can sometimes fool us into believing this could never happen to ourselves or a loved one. This is known as Cognitive Dissonance.

Our program can educate people to get past those untruths with proven, measurable, results. 

In fifteen minutes, TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story™ helps your trainees learn how anyone could become a victim of human trafficking through the means of force, fraud, or coercion. This fundamental understanding is required for everyone to grasp the scope of this worldwide problem.

Through a completely user-driven interactive experience, VR users learn how Lisa, a 14 year old girl, meets a boy online who tricks her into believing he cares about her. Through this frequently seen “Romeo pimp” scenario, users learn how he manipulates her physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Houston Police Human Trafficking Unit Lieutenant Angela M. Merritt

One Generation Education System is a three-phase interactive training solution for schools, universities, job training, and continuing education

Empathy, using Virtual Reality

A fully immersive and interactive virtual reality experience that generates empathy for victims because it allows students to feel what it is like to be lured into trafficking. During the experience, they “become” Lisa, an at-risk teenager who, like many others, meets a boy online that takes advantage of her when she is vulnerable.

Education, through Blended Materials

Blended educational modules “continue the story” from Phase One. Modules can be used “as-is” or adapted for use in any classroom. Learning modules include: Basics of Human TraffickingRecognizing the Signs of Trafficking; and Consent and Empathy. These explain the danger of physical and psychological traps and teach corrective behaviors.

Empowerment, creating Changemakers

The program culminates with a final project, where students are empowered to become “Changemakers,” raising awareness, educating others, and making tangible changes in your community.

Use the immersive power of cutting-edge, interactive virtual reality technology (VR) to help everyone understand how these “invisible chains” of psychological manipulation can bind anyone, anywhere.

  • Effective job training for homeland security, military, border patrol, and peace officers
  • Appropriate for school administrators, school boards, middle and high school students
  • Scalable to any size classroom or number of learners
  • Delivers consistent training anytime, anywhere
  • Custom curriculum design available
Eric Chagala, Principal, Vista Innovation and Design Academy

This is a real problem, and we want to do our part through this unique approach.

Students and faculty have been amazed by the way the virtual reality experience, TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story, makes people care about the educational materials they really must know to recognize a victim and what to do.

See it. Believe it. “Get” it.

When it comes to learning in virtual reality, you simply have to “see it to believe it.” These experts have tried the interactive, narrative experience, TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story

Debbie Solcher, Central Texas Regional Administrator of the Texas Office of the Governor Child Sex Trafficking Team
Carol Smolenski, Executive Director of ECPAT-USA
Jennifer Hohman, Founder of the Houston 20 & Houston Area Against Trafficking
Lisa Knapp, Co-Founder of the Austin 20, and her husband, Dave Knapp
John Nehme, President & CEO of Allies Against Slavery
George Lynch, CEO, Traffick911
Sharon Windham, Founder & President of United For Human Dignity
Christina Arnold, Director of Prevent Human Trafficking
Texas State Representative Tony Tinderholt
Dr. HaeSung Han and Jennifer Tinker, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of POETIC, in Dallas
Dr. Don Christian, President and Chief Executive Officer of Concordia University Texas
Angie Goeke and Board Members of Not in Our City Houston
Lauren Petrowski, co-anchor, Good Day Austin on KTBC – FOX 7 Austin
PBS Decibel’s Crew: Blair Waltman-Alexin and Joe Rocha
NBC7 San Diego‘s Digital Correspondent Danielle Radin
Andrea Sparks, Director, Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Child Sex Trafficking Team
Todd Latiolais, Associate Director, Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Child Sex Trafficking Team
Terry Hamm, Director, Texas Association of Student Councils

Uprising Wyoming‘s Terri Markham
EPIK Project‘s Justin Euteneier and volunteers
Erica Raggett, Owner, and staff of A 2nd Cup
Staff and volunteers of Refuge of Light
Staff at Love146 Houston
Hilary Sherrer, Marketing & Communication Coordinator, members of the board of directors, and other staff from The Landing
Staff at Tier One
Members of the Capital Factory board of directors, staff, and guests
Ken Rogers, Cinematic Arts Teacher, and Andrea Rogers, Data Processor at McCallum High School, Austin, Texas
Eric Chagala, Principal, and Angela Townsend, M.S., 8th Grade Math, 8th Grade History, and PBL Coach, from VIDA Middle School, Vista, California
Eric Cohen, Learning Design Coordinator, SIATech School for Integrated Academics and Technologies, Vista, California
Chenda Moore, M.Ed., Coordinator of Counseling Services, Pearland Independent School District, Pearland, Texas
University of North Texas Health Science Center‘s Martha Felini, PhD DC MPH, Associate Professor, Epidemiology, Department of OB/GYN and other UNTHSC leaders
Attendees of the FBI Citizen’s Academy’s Annual Conference
Dena Miller, Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist (MHPS), Executive Director, Peers Of Faith

Licensees,  Press. Exhibitions, and IMPACT Events

Action Design Austin Texas
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College of Business and Communication Concordia University Austin Texas
Austin American-Statesman
AR Post
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University of Texas The Daily Texan
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College of Business and Communication Concordia University Austin Texas Incubator CTX for Innovation and Impact
Exhibited our Anti-trafficking program
Traffick911 Anti-trafficking group logo
VIDA Vista Unified School District Principal Eric Chagala
2021 Open Hearts Challenge
Photo by Phil Warner
University of North Texas Health Science Center
Photo by Phil Warner

It’s eye-opening to see the triggers, the things that would make children potentially want to do this.

Things that you would never think of.

Tony Tinderholt, Texas State Representative

Pay it Forward! Every $5 Gives an Online Human Trafficking Essentials Course from PBJ Learning to a Deserving Student.

Radical Empathy Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to ending human trafficking in one generation.