Our mission is to end human trafficking through education

Our team consists of experts in fields relevant to anti-trafficking efforts, survivor support, and justice. We believe in victim-centered care and want everyone to participate in ending slavery.

Our Board of Directors and our partners have expertise in interactive education, psychology, accountancy, law enforcement, private investigations, legal support and representation, software and hardware technology, entertainment software, gamification, nonprofit leadership, grantmaking, direct services, mental health issues, code enforcement, curriculum creation, strategic partnerships, and more.

Most importantly, we are children, parents, siblings, spouses, and understand our interconnectedness with others. Each of us wants to have a world without slavery and are dedicated to that mission: ending human trafficking.

Radical Empathy Education Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Please find us on Guidestar.

Our Board of Directors

Billy Joe Cain, President / Creative Director, Co-Founder

Billy Joe has spent 25 years in the interactive space, creating games, simulations, and educational games. His background began at legendary game studio Origin Systems, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, and has served clients from Nickelodeon to the United States Air Force. Billy Joe has created games for systems from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System to the virtual reality-based Oculus Rift. He has combined his vast experience to develop immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experiences dedicated to the eradication of one of the 21st century’s greatest injustices: Human Trafficking.

He co-founded Radical Empathy because he learned that his children were being groomed by a sex predator, whom he had known as a friend for years. As an active and involved parent, he knew that if it can affect him, it can affect anyone. He doesn’t want anyone to have this pain inflicted on their families or friends. Ever.

Billy Joe Cain

Kevin A. Reinis, Vice President

President & CEO, Quantum Interface

Kevin is a highly experienced technology executive, collaborator and leader, he has spent the majority of his career focused on driving innovation and transformative change within Global Fortune 500 companies as well as shaping and growing startups for success. Kevin specializes in innovation strategies, global operations, strategic partnerships and organizational growth.

Kevin Reinis

Jennifer Bullard, Secretary

Senior Project Manager, Intific

Jennifer is a 19-year project/product management professional, primarily in the consumer entertainment software industry.  She has over 20 shipped products, including 2 major franchises, three AAA titles and a tool suite for independent developers to build their own product. Her specialties are handling internal clients, external business partners, managing development teams and building positive relationships with local, state and education entities. She is leveraging her experience in game development and education to enable REEF to be a strong supporter of human rights and relentlessly pursue the reduction of human suffering across the globe.

Jennifer Bullard

James Oury

Co-Founder Osiris Labs, Project Themis and Impact 12

James’s fundamental purpose is to reduce human suffering.

As a dual-qualified chartered accountant and attorney, he has actively engaged in projects to leverage representation for indigent clients facing death sentences, to research and develop a universally available low-cost human genome test, and to create financial technology innovation driving equality of financial access.

A member of the International Bar Association’s first war crimes investigative technology spin out, James is now focused on building a next generation law firm empowered by technology and to enable educational executive behavioral change in slavery and human trafficking and human rights through gamification and virtual reality.

Jonathan Josephson

Founder & CTO, Quantum Interface

Jonathan is the visionary inventor of QI’s patented technologies and solutions. For over 25 years, Jonathan has specialized in enhancing experiences across almost every cutting-edge platform: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), Internet of Things (IoT), drones, immersive media installations, transportation and more.

He also has worked with Federal, State and local Governmental bodies and NGOs to build enterprise systems, training programs, systems and curriculums, authoring governmental programs, enforcement divisions, and driving and adopting codes and regulations, as well as acting as liaison for US Federal agencies for cyber prosecutions.

Jonathan Josephson

Our Team

David Deeds, Education Director

David brings over 10 years of experience researching and raising awareness about human trafficking. In that time, he has hosted events, engaged legislators, and found innovative ways of working against human trafficking while informing others. David has conducted a content analysis on more than 5,000 pages of textbooks that revealed criminal justice students are exposed to very little literature on human trafficking in schools. Additionally, David’s doctoral capstone work focused on educator pedagogy to investigate a possible gap in student understanding about human trafficking, the educators.

Beyond research David has worked with nonprofits for more than three years and has helped design a roll-call training to help police officers identify human trafficking victims. He has also participated in outreach to potential victims and participated in many discussion panels and conferences as an expert of human trafficking.

David Deeds education director

Kris Kavanaugh, Co-Founder

Kris brings a four-year background with progressive responsibilities at an Austin mental health direct services nonprofit to Radical Empathy, including program, administrative and executive level experience. Kris specializes in innovative approaches to fundraising, strategic partnerships, advocacy-based and objectively-measurable grantwriting/grantmaking, and lean nonprofit operations.

Prior to the nonprofit sector, Kris was a budget analyst at the Texas Legislative Budget Board responsible for projecting performance and recommending appropriations from Texas’ higher education endowment funds (Permanent University Fund and Available University Fund), as well as health insurance costs and appropriations from general revenue for all state higher education employees. Before moving to Texas, he was an attorney at a large firm in his native Alabama, focusing on complex litigation defense.

Margret Atkinson, M.Ed

Educational Liaison, Curriculum Lead

Margret teaches middle grades literature, and believes in empowering others to effect change. She works to cultivate relationships and create new paradigms. She challenges her students to push the limits of creativity and learning, all while cultivating a global perspective through the use of the U.N.’s Global Goals and TeachSDGs. From encouraging her students to engage with the Digital Workforce Intensive (University of Louisiana in Lafayette, LA in 2005) to challenging them to use agile development processes to model the real world of working on an empowered and cross-functional team, she believes the classroom is the ultimate teaching experiment.

Margret Atkinson

Theresa Atkinson, PhD

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, Consultant

Theresa earned her Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Clemson University in 2016. She has experience working internally at two Fortune 500 companies, helping company leaders to make data-driven decisions. Theresa is responsible for studying REEF’s interactive virtual reality experience, in order to ensure that the experience generates empathy and compassion for trafficked individuals among users of the program.
Theresa Atkinson

Blythe Guillory

Outreach Coordinator

Blythe comes to Radical Empathy after her lobbying efforts for Texas Campaign for the Environment in the 85th Legislative session. For TCE, she created and managed relationships with representatives at the Texas State Capitol, recruited new employees, and brought in like-minded organizations to develop new relationships.

She regularly attends community meetings, city council meetings, and is now working in the 86th Legislative session to help pass bills throughout the state to help improve public health.

Software development

Mission Critical

Mission Critical provided development support for the Quest version of TRAPPED: A VR Detective Story. 

They are an authorized developer for iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android, PC / Mac, PlayStation, Xbox One, and Nintendo. They have over 40 years of combined game and interactive development experience.

To Learn More About Mission Critical Studios, click here.

Pay it Forward! Every $5 Gives an Online Human Trafficking Essentials Course from PBJ Learning to a Deserving Student.

Radical Empathy Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization dedicated to ending human trafficking in one generation.